Cutaneous angiomas are dilated blood vessels, which have become visible.

A stellar angioma has a star-like shape, frequently appearing between 30 and 50 years old, mostly on face or cleavage. Ruby spots (small red dots) may appear on the body after the thirties. Plane angiomas are extensive, often deep and very dark, so more difficult to treat. Angiomas may have hereditary causes, or be induced by sun exposure and aging.

Angiomas treatment

We can treat ruby ​​spots, stellar angiomas, veins around the nose by Laser NdYag and decrease size and colour of plane angiomas with Intense Pulsed Light (Lux G). The aesthetic MD will establish with you the best possible manner in which to treat your angiomas, depending on their number, their diameter, their depth, their characteristics and origins. Only vascular lesions can be treated with these techniques.

For ruby ​​angiomas, it often takes only one or two sessions to eliminate them. Treatment is fast and painless.

For flat and extended angiomas, it will be necessary to count at least 4-6 sessions spaced monthly, for satisfactory results. After each session, size diminishes Treatment may be tender, depending on depth and size of angioma, as well as where it is situated.

After LPI or NdYag sessions, some redness and/or bruising may remain for a little while, but no pain. Activities can be resumed imediately although excessive heat (sauna, hammam, very warm baths) and extreme sports are to be avoided after the session.