There are several types of cellulitis (fatty, hydrocellulitis and fibrocellulitis), and different solutions may apply, depending on the skin condition, its location and for how long it has been there. Localised fat deposits, bulges and cellulitis can be a real nuisance, resisting all kinds of massages, sports and diets. Typically, these areas reluctant to disappear, whatever your efforts, are love handles, abdomen, hips, inner thighs, knees, hips, jodhpur thighs, saddlebags, fat around the bra staps, upper arms, etc.

Consultation with the aesthetic doctor will enable medical diagnosis of the cellulitis and he will recommend a comprehensive treatment program adapted to you personally.

Medical vs Surgical treatments

With the effective medical means at our disposal, without necessarily having to turn to to painful and expensive surgical treatments, we offer spot treatments based on fat lipolysis:

Medical Lipolysis (lipodissolve): localized fat reduction, local fat removal and skin retightening are obtained without scars. Medical lipolysis consists in injecting soy lecithin and various fat-reducing substances (coffee, carnitine, artichoke, etc.) directly in fat mass at approximately 1cm deep, effectively emptying fat cells (adipocytes) in a natural and lasting manner. Fat is eliminated naturally by the body over the next few days, with no harm nor stress for the individual, and no downtime. No risk of orange-peel aspect as with surgical liposuccion because there is no skin retraction. Process is progressive and simple. Sessions are very short (15 minutes) as opposed to cryolipolysis or laser lipolysis (60-120 minutes each session) and fewer sessions are necessary to obtain satisfaction.

Mesotherapy (mesodissolve): a draining solution is injected superficially in micro-injections (soy lecithin, carnintin and caffeine) following the path of the lypmpatic system, approx. 7 mm deep, to trigger lymphatic drainage. This is an ideal complement to lipolysis, because it facilitates removal of fat degradation. Painless and fast, no downtime needed.