Beautifully shaped eyebrows, neither too thin nor too thick, enhance eyes and give a definite finishing touch to the face. As a rule, a perfect eyebrow is slightly rounded, thicker between the internal angle of the eye to the center of the iris, and gradually thinning until its tip. The ideal proportions are located with reference to shape and size of the eye of each individual. Some faces fare better with a thin eyebrow than with a thick eyebrow.

Eyebrows have a natural plumpness due to fat tissues and collagen, which unfortunately diminish with age. Small imperfections are usually dealt with by tweezing excessive hair, but in some cases a little more boosting can go a long way in improving your looks :

Hyaluronic Acid Fillers

to add volume to the eyebrows, raise eyebrow tips, raise upper eyelids, restore natural facial curves and thus enhance eyes dramatically (they are more open and seem bigger)

Botox (botulinum toxin)

to correct the angle of the tip of the eyebrows (lowered tips tend to "harden" looks), instantly makes the eye seem bigger, more visible and softer-looking.

Long Lasting Hair Removal with IPL:

when hair is in the wrong spot (around or below eyes, along the cheekbones, or between the eyebrows), permanent hair removal is an excellent alternative to tweezing every other day.


Eyebrow pencils, properly used, will restore color if eyebrows are a little pale and correct curve. Only suitable for existing eyebrows with satisfactory natural curve. If eyebrows are inexistent or too thin, the pencil drawing may seem too superficial and made up. In that case it may be better to opt for permanent make-up (tattoo) to fill in absent or thinning eyebrows, in a shade similar to your natural hair color. Also useful to correct eyebrow tips that are too short.