The fragile skin under the eyes is prone to premature wrinkling and can become dark, hollowed, or puffy even in a healthy and not sleep-deprived subject.

These problems can be corrected in several ways:

Hyaluronic Acid Fillers

By filling the "tear valley", hollows and shadows disappear, thus restoring facial harmony).

We can also add volume to cheekbones, which increases facial youthfulness and smoothes undereye dark circles.


To treat peri-orbital frown wrinkles, especially undereye lines which give a crumpled appearance and increase circles size.

It can also help to dispel eye bags, black eye-orbit and wrinkle of eye tail.


Platelet rich plasma to improve skin condition, diminish dark circles and puffiness, and regenerate the fragile skin around the eyes.


Obliging the skin around the eyes to renew itself locally, leaving clearer, smoother and more beautiful skin.


Micro-injections with a specific and unique eye revitalizing complex, diminishing bags and dark circles as well as small wrinkles

Home remedies

Have you tried cold water or cold green tea applications, to reduce the color of your dark circles? Adapting a healthier (sleep, nourishment and moisturizing) can often correct the problem of dark circles, even if it is hereditary, or if your dark circles are due to poor circulation or water retention. Consider decreasing alcohol, tobacco, salt and coffee from your habits, you will be surprised by the improvement.


Medical creams and ointments to improve vascular circulation may also improve dark circles significanty. We have a number of products to offer, depending on the type of rings you have (either to relieve and refresh puffy eyes, reduce bags under the eyes, improve dry or red eyes, smooth fine lines and crow ‘s feet, lessen dark or black rings, etc.)

Makeup offers a wide range of concealers, specially formulated to hide cutaneous imperfections, with a range of colors specifically designed for counter-balancing dark circles. Not a treatment per se but helpful in improving overall looks.