Aging naturally induces some skin sagging, i.e. collapsing of skin in certain areas.

For the face, it usually corresponds to a morphological change of the natural facial oval:
  • Loss of firmness induces slight or severe dropping of skin
  • Loss of elastin and collagen, inducing dryness
  • Redistribution of natural facial fat (disappearance of cheekbones, enlarged lower cheeks
  • Lines and wrinkles multiply and become deeper

Medical techniques able to correct these problems are listed below :

1. Spring Threads

  • Medical lifting (non-surgical) by inserting spring or suspension threads under the skin, under local anaesthesia
  • Effective up to 3-6 years, and threads can be tightened again after a while if necessary.
  • Spectacular results (neck, cheekbones, lower cheeks, angles of the eyes and temples)

2. Lipolysis or lipo-dissolve : reduce fat bulges in lower face (cheeks, chin)

3. Fillers for deeper facial wrinkles, with hyaluronic acid, PRP &/or Lipo-filling