Lips tend to thin and pale with the years, and the occurrence of lines an wrinkles around the mouth necessarily modify your smile and your expression. These drawbacks can be corrected by two specific treatments in our clinic:

1) Hyaluronic Acid
  • lip augmentation : restores plumpness and volume of the lips
  • corrects imperfections or asymmetry
  • painless thanks to local anaesthetic
  • reduces lines and wrinkles surrounding the mouth
  • lifts the corners of the mouth and reduces bitterness lines
  • corrects nasolabial folds and smile lines
  • results to be maintained twice yearly
2) Medical Dermopigmentation:
  • "permanent" makeup of the entire lip, in a natural color (veil of colour), and not only the contour, enables to correct small imperfections, enhance colour and for paler lips, chose a colour in perfect accordance with skin tone and hair/eyes.
  • lips do not seem "made up" permanently but retain a nice, healthy, consistent and homogenous colour at all times
  • maintenance is programmed every 2 years due to natural loss of pigment