Pigmented spots or sun spots frequently appear on the face, body (back, neck, chest), hands and arms. These spots are caused by the sun, according to an individual susceptibility and sun exposure.

  • Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) : very effective for the treatment of light pigmented spots. 5-6 sessions a month apart are normally required to eliminate permanently the pigmented spots. The light is adjusted to be captured by the melanin in the spots, which leads to their disappearance. The cells in question come to the surface, and are removed (natural peeling effect) and are replaced by non-pigmented cells. The treatment requires no downtime but sun must be avoided during all the treatment.
  • Fractional 15 mm laser : for melasma (pregnancy mask) ou deep pigmented spots
  • Peelings : for complete results and to renew the skin surface
Of course no suspicious spot or mole will be treated by these means. Medical approval will be given before treatment by the Head of our Clinic.