Slackening and wrinkling of the skin (cleavage, upper arms, neck, thighs, etc.) can be treated in many ways, the best results being obtained by a combination of several techniques:

  • Fractional 1540 10 mm : this laser allows treatment of deep wrinkles by thermo-coagulation. Especially useful around the eyes and mouth. Allowed also on forehead and neck.
  • Intense Pulsed Light Lux G : long-term skin rejuvenation, natural and effective, collagen production is boosted, facial contours are reconstructed, skin is strenghtened , rehydrated and reinflated from "the inside". Usually performed on face, cleavage, hands, back.
  • Mesotherapy : vitamin cocktail injected into the skin. Gives radiance and healthy looks. The skin is basically "fed" from the inside, elasticity and vitality are increased. Effects last 2-3 months. Can be performed anywhere on the body and face.
  • PRP : micro-injections of platelet-enriched plasma from your own blood; induces long-lasting cell regeneration (attracting stem cells). Results in a lifted, firmer skin. Particularly appreciated around eyes and mouth. Usually performed on face mostly.
  • Carboxytherapy : CO2 medical gas inducing microcirculation : strengthens and tightens tissues, can improve areas which are traditionally resistant to any other treatments (thighs, arms, cellulitis, etc.) . Can be done on all areas, including face.
  • Peeling : Allows a renewal on the surface of the skin, erases fine lines and small imperfections, a new, clearner, newer, skin is revealed with tightened pores.
  • Spring Threads : a true innovation in the field of cosmetic medicine, spring threads allow an effective facelift, without surgery and without downtime. The results are immediate, wonderful, but still very natural and pleasant! A younger you in just a couple of hours with no scars and no bandages.