Wrinkles have several causes, and for each there is a solution.

  • Involuntary muscle contraction causing upper face frown lines : forehead, around the eyes, crow's feet, lowering of eyebrows → treatment with botulinum toxin (Botox; Vistabel, Dysport)
  • Loss of substance (and skin firmness): nasolabial folds, bitterness folds, lower corners of the mouth, vertical lines around the mouth, diminished cheeks and cheekbones, hollowed valley of tears → treatment with hyaluronic acid; PRP; Lipo-filler
  • Other considerations which may influence the number and appearance of wrinkles, such as the position in which we usually sleep (increases wrinkles on side of face), lifestyle (good or bad food, micronutrients), as well as tobacco and sun exposure are all to be taken into account as they also induce skin aging.
  • Additional recommended treatments:

  • Fractional Laser 10 mm: treatment of deep wrinkles and lines
    Intense Pulsed Light: full face rejuvenation, reduction of fine lines and increase elasticity
    Mesotherapy: gives a real beauty kick, and can be repeated regularly
    Spring threads facelift
    Peeling for skin renewal