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Aesthetic Medicine & Anti-Aging Treatment

Aesthetic medicine for face - hair - body

Individualised treatments.

Only the most effective medical techniques are offered in our Clinic, as well as a selection of top quality facial, body and hair care.

The results are natural , enhancing, for a better, improved, more beautiful "YOU"

Our purpose is to provide you with the less painful treatments possible, none or hardly any downtime, and all that for an affordable price.


Of the week

For fillers, Dr. Roux is in favor of a natural effect well maintained in time. To avoid the "see-saw" effect, he recommends injecting less rather than more, and have regular maintenance sessions.

Thus, results are much more satisfying, more elegant, discreet, and provide better anti-aging prevention. The cost of the sessions is also less if you do it this way rather than one ginormous session every other year.