About us

Dr Nicolas ROUX

Aesthetic medicine clinic for over 20 years

Located in Grand-Saconnex, close to the United Nations and the airport, our clinic has been offering for 20 years

  • High quality aesthetic treatments
  • Medical safety
  • Discretion

Cutting-edge technology

Our lasers, procedures and treatments are safe, reliable and traceable.

Medical specialist

Aesthetic physician in charge of the Clinique CMEA, Dr. Nicolas Roux has been practicing for over 20 years in Grand-Saconnex, Geneva.

Dr Roux is a member of the Swiss Society of Aesthetic Medicine (SSME), and also holds two FMH specialist qualifications in Allergology & Immunology and Internal Medicine.

Affordable prices

We keep our treatment prices low because it's important to us that your favorite treatments remain reasonably priced.

Dr Nicolas ROUX

Clinique CMEA



NdYag Laser

Intense pulsed light G

Intense pulsed light Y

Laser Fractional



Platelet-rich plasma

Hyaluronic Acid