Medium chemical peel

The different peelings

A peel consists of applying a solution to the skin, inducing a desquamation of the superficial cells and a renewal of the skin. Depending on the type of lesions, or the desired effect, the peel will be more or less deep. In general, peels are not done in summer (sun exposure prohibited).

There are several types of peels:

  • superficial( fruitacids ) very light but not very effective in renewing the skin
  • medium peel (TCA) trichloroacetic acid (TCA) based, allows to reach the medium to superficial dermis, very effective, without pain, without work stoppage
  • deep (phenol) it reaches the deep dermis, gives sometimes spectacular results but the risk of complications is important and it is necessary to count with 2 weeks of social eviction

Our recommendation: the medium peel

Corrects irregularities, evens out the complexion by removing spots and superficial wrinkles ( smoothing effect) and gives a luminous glow to the face

Repetition: up to 4 medium peels can be done per year (same results as deep peels without the risks)

Procedure: In the days following the treatment, a desquamation of the treated areas takes place, which can easily be masked by the use of make-up and a good hydration of the skin (cream, oil). The desquamation is not painful, discrete

No interruption of usual daily activities (except sun exposure)


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