NdYag Laser

Indication of the NdYag vascular laser

The Nd YAG laser effectively treats visible vascular lesions, such as leg veins, ruby angiofibromas and rosacea, with up to 8 sessions recommended

It can treat vessels up to one millimeter in diameter, but surgical treatment is required for larger veins such as varicose veins .

The treatment cannot be performed during the summer due to the risk of sun exposure. After treatment, temporary redness and small hematomas may occur, which do not affect daily activities

Course of the NdYag session

The laser emits short and intense pulses, cauterizing the vessels. The parameters are adjusted during the session to obtain an immediate elimination of the veins. The treatment has few side effects, but direct exposure to the sun, high temperatures and sports should be avoided for a few days after treatment. Darker skin types are more susceptible to reactions and caution is advised.

The same area of skin can be treated again after four weeks and several sessions are usually required.


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NdYag Laser

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