Hyaluronic acid, fillers

What is hyaluronic acid?

Hyaluronic acid is a well-tolerated polymer that corrects the defects of substance loss. It can be used to fill in wrinkles, improve the mouth and eye area, restore the oval of the face and firm up the face. The results are natural and progressive. The immediate effects are a disappearance of wrinkles, hollows, and a more rested skin. Hayluronic acid also has a long-term effect, limiting the appearance of new wrinkles and preserving theroundness of the face, so it effectively slows down skin aging

Hyaluronic acid lasts between 6 and 18 months depending on the consistency chosen. Superficial wrinkles require 1 to 3 sessions with an interval of 3-4 months. We recommend monophasic and 100% resorbable hyaluronic acid containing an anesthetic for more comfort. Dr. Roux uses well-known, safe and well-traced brands with minimal side effects

Indications of hyaluronic acid

  • Filling in degenerative wrinkles: nasolabial folds, smile lines
  • Improve the mouth: plump up the lips, raise the corners(angles of the mouth), correct asymmetry
  • Improve the eye contour: fill the valley of tears, give volume to the eyebrows, open the eyes
  • Restore theoval of the face: enhance cheekbones, fill in hollowed cheeks
  • Permanently remove superficial wrinkles, mainly on the cheeks, or above the lips, by coating


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