Laser fractional

10 mm fractional laser

This non-ablative laser can treat eye wrinkles, mouth wrinkles, scars and stretch marks using micro-coagulation to repair deep tissue damage

Unlike CO2 lasers and peels, it does not remove skin superficially, but rather stimulates deep skin renewal for long-lasting results

Expect to have some mild redness immediately after treatment, which should disappear within a few hours or days. The treatment is effective, well tolerated and requires 5 to 8 sessions for lasting results.

15 mm fractional laser

This laser eliminates pigment spots such as melasma by emitting energy that targets the melanin in the lesion

A local redness appears after this treatment (lasts in principle a few hours), which can easily be masked by a light make-up the next day

Protecting the face from the sun is important to avoid the appearance of new spots. 4 to 6 sessions spaced one month apart are necessary for lasting results. Note that treatments are not recommended during the summer due to sun exposure.
Expect to have an even, glowing complexion in just a few months!


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