Intense Pulsed Light Y

LPI for permanent hair removal

It is a polychromatic light emission, captured at different levels depending on the setting.

The powerful medical IPL is a very good treatment for hair growth. It allows to destroy the hair follicles gradually. The treatment is very effective and well tolerated (fast, not very sensitive). Depending on the type of skin and the areas, 6 to 8 sessions are usually necessary (4 weeks apart) to obtain an optimal result

The light is captured by the melanin contained in the hair and directed to the hair follicles. The light only affects the growing follicles, which is why several sessions are required. Dark hair on light skin is the easiest to treat. The darker the skin or the finer the hair, blond or white, the less satisfactory the result.

Results of permanent hair removal

The treatment is not practiced in summer (sun exposure prohibited), is not painful and does not require social eviction.

After a complete treatment, the hair does not normally return. In some cases, local regrowth can be observed long afterwards, linked to the skin’s reserve of hair bulbs and to various hormonal mechanisms. In this case, one or two new sessions can treat this new hairiness.

All areas of the body can be treated with medical hair removal. It is also possible to simply reduce hair without eliminating it completely (torso, arms, hands)


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